WC 2010: (The Group)






England- The Three Lions:

The Three Lions from a very proud Soccer nation, where disappointment seems to always find them. With the depth in talent the disappointment is always linked back to the coach. England feels this year will be different with Fabio Capello in charge. This World Cup will look different without David Beckham (AC Milan and LA Galaxy) and Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) due to injuries. Even with those faces missing, the likes of John Terry (Chelsea), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), and Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) will no doubt carry the Three Lions deep into the tournament. Listen closely and you will hear “God Save the Queen” ring aloud well into July.

Player to watch: Theo Walcott (Arsenal striker who could be the one that sparks England late in matches)

World Cup Titles: 1966

Qualified: 1st in UEFA (Europe) Group 6

USA- The Yanks:

Support the sash! 2006 was a huge let down coming off the surprising run in 2002. There is no denying the USMNT is consistently the most athletically fit team in the world. Thanks to the relentless passion in which the US play keeps them in any game with anyone. Last years Confederations Cup opened the eyes of this country and the world that this is not the same US team that hosted the World Cup in 94’. The Yanks are not just satisfied with advancing out of the group, but are looking to the bigger prize. The stoic Bob Bradley has pushed and pulled in all the right places since he took over a few years ago. Another trademark of Bradley, is the ability to find players no ones heard of, but that come in and make immediate impacts. A few of the players like Francisco Torres (Pachuca) and Edson Buddle (LA Galaxy) were late additions that are expected to play huge for Bradley’s team. Not to be forgotten are the faces of the team Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy) and Tim Howard (Everton). Don’t Tread On Me! The Yanks are Coming!

Player to watch: Herculez Gomez (Puebla Striker who stormed on the the USMNT by scoring 10 goals in 14 matches in Mexico)

Best World Cup Finish: 1930 Semi-Final

Qualified: 1st in CONCACAF (North America)

Algeria- Les Fennecs (The Desert Foxes):

Considered the weakest of the four in this group. The Desert Foxes will have to look to themselves to find the pride in representing Algeria in only their third ever World Cup. This team does not lack flare, but does strength and consistency in play. Karim Ziani (Wolfsburg) and Mourad Meghni (Lazio) will have to find their French connection (both playing in France for some time) or channel the greatest export from Algeria, Zinedine Zidane, if the want to play the spoiler in Group C. Expect the Desert Foxes to find themselves in a hole early.

Player to watch: Rafik Saifi (Istres Striker who as a veteran and goal scorer will need to be there leader to succeed)

Best World Cup Finish: 1982 & 1986

Qualified: 1st in CAF (Africa) Group C

Slovenia- Zmajceki (Dragons):

Tiny but deadly, just ask Russia, is the smallest country in the World Cup. Only being country for about 20 years, this is their second World Cup Final. With stingy defense Slovenia should be very tough to pull points from. The Dragons only conceded 4 goals in 10 Qualifiying matches. In a sport which awards points for ties, a goalkeeper as good as Samir Handanovic (Udinese) can take over a match and get the important points needed to play spoiler to England and the US. Can the Russian Assassins kill another giant?

Player to watch: Zlatko Dedic (Lesser known Man City Striker always seems to be there and always going)

Best World Cup Finish: 2002 1st Round

Qualified: 2nd in UEFA (Europe) Group 3 Defeated Russia in Playoff

Predicted Finish:





Game to Watch:

England v USA June 12th 2:30pm (The Game everyone here and across the pond have been waiting anxiously since the World Cup Draw…Hopefully a repeat of 1950)

WC 2010: Group B (The Spark and the Streakers)




South Korea


Argentina- Albicelestes (White and Sky blue):

What can I say about Argentina? There are only a few countries that even non-soccer fans can name when asked, “Who are the best soccer teams in the world?” and Argentina is one of them. They are led by arguably the “Greatest Soccer Player Ever” Diego Maradona, who may be more of a liability than help with his fiery unpredictable personality. If Argentina is going to make a run at its third World Cup title, than they will undoubtedly need a world class performance from, “The Best Player in the World” Lionel Messi. Leo Messi has captivated the world in such a short time while playing at Barcelona. Anything short of winning it all would be a failure with the explosive players up top (Tevez, Messi and Higuain) and the veterans in the back. Don’t cry for me …as we may do enough for all of Argentina.

Player to watch: Tevez “Apache” (Does not get the attention of Messi but led the team in goals in Qualifying)

World Cup Titles: 1978 & 1986

Qualified: 4th in CONMEBOL (South America)

Nigeria- Super Eagles

Missing the World Cup in 2006 after making 3 straight Nigeria is trying to reclaim their place as Africa’s best. The Super Eagles are a dangerous team with the speed and athleticism always on display. This team lacks the star power of the Nigerian teams of the 90’s, but has recognizable veterens in John Obi Mikel (Chelsea Midfielder) and Nwankwo Kanu (Portsmouth and Arsenal). Even if they don’t win a match the will have some great goal celebrations.

Player to watch: Peter Odemwingie (fast striker that can change the game quickly)

Best World Cup Finish: 1994 & 1998 2nd Round

Qualified: 1st in CAF (Africa) Group B

South Korea- Taeguk Warriors

The pride of Asian Soccer, South Korea look to duplicate their shocking run from the 2002 World Cup (Semi-finals). South Korea will be led by a few 30 something’s and the “Fab Four” (I know they don’t even compare to the REAL “Fab Four”) Park Ji-sung (Man United), Lee Chung-young (Bolton), Ki Sung-yong (Celtic) and Park Chu-young (AS Monaco). They will need the “Red Devils” (Korea fans who are decked out in red) to rekindle some of the fire from 2002 or it could an early exit. Insert here, lame joke about this team and having Seoul.

Player to watch: Park Chu-young (AS Monaco striker who might end up as South Korea’s best ever)

Best World Cup Finish: 2002 Semi-Finals

Qualified: 1st in AFC (Asia) Group 2

Greece- To Piratiko (The Pirate Ship)

With all the turmoil in Greece, the Greek people and these pirates could really some good news. Unfortunately, even the gods can’t help them in their second ever appearance in the World Cup Finals. Greece winning Euro 2004 beating the best in the world proves they have the fire to put together a little run. Do not expect excitement when watching this team, as they lack any sort of star power. Having a 71-year-old coach, in Otto Rehhagel, does not count as experience. Should be a Big Fat Greek Lose.

Player to watch: Theofanis Gekas (Nomadic talisman Scored 10 goals in Qualifying)

Best World Cup Finish: 1994 1st Round

Qualified: 2nd in UEFA (Europe) Group 2

Predicted Finish:


South Korea



Game to Watch:

Argentina v South Korea June 17th 12:30(Lack of defense for Korea and scoring power for Argentina= Goooooooooals!!!)

WC 2010: Group A (Host Group)


South Africa




South Africa- Bafana Bafana (The Boys):

After watching Invictus it is easy to see and understand why this World Cup, in this country, on this continent is so important and remarkably possible. Unfortunately, Bafana Bafana will not come close, to the success the Springboks had in the 1996 Rugby World Cup. But in last years Confederations Cup, a warm-up to this year’s tournament pairing the Champions from each Confederation, South Africa took Spain to the wire and lost by one goal to Brazil. This should be the first time a host nation fails to reach the 2nd Round. At least they still have Rugby!

Player to watch: Steven Pienaar (Everton Midfielder who will be the face of this team)

Best World Cup Finish: 1998 & 2002 1st Round

Qualified: As host country

Mexico- El Tri (after the three colours or “tricolor” on the Mexican flag):

The Best Team in the World…so thinks Mexico. This talented team changes coaches as frequent as Heidi Montag has surgery. With CuauhtĂ©moc Blanco (37 years old) returning to international play, so did Mexico’s World Cup dreams. There is no doubt Mexico produces incredible individual talent, but somewhere the word team or teammate was not translated correctly. Its is vital for head coach Javier Aguirre to keep his young players like Carlos Vela (Arsenal), Giovani Dos Santos (Galatasaray) and Andres Guardado (Deportivo La Coruna) focused if Mexico will have any success.

Player to watch: Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Veracruz and former Chicago Fire Midfielder led his much younger teammates in Qualifying goals)

Best World Cup Finish: 1970 & 1986 Quarterfinals

Qualified: 2nd in CONCACAF (North America)

Uruguay- La Celeste (The Sky Blue):

Sixty long years since Uruguay hoisted the Cup. Since 1950 they have settled in as a middle of the pack team in South America where Qualifying is questionable at best. This team struggles to find an identity as they could almost be called Argentina Lite. This idea is expressed again with the nickname of Nicolas Lodeiro “the Uruguayan Messi” (Messi 2009 FIFA Player of the Year from Argentina). Uruguay may want to party like it’s 1950, but they will most likely party like it’s 1999.

Player to watch: Diego Forlan (Athletico Madrid Striker and veteran can put himself in the top group of strikers with a solid performance)

World Cup Titles: 1930 & 1950

Qualified: 5th in CONMEBOL (South America) Defeated Costa Rico in a playoff

France- Les Bleus (The Blues):

Will the real French team please report to the field? A qualification stamped by the controversial handball of French Legend Thierry Henry brings the question. How can a team, with as much talent and skill as any in the world, struggle to qualify, loose one of the greatest players of all-time in Zinedine Zidane, still compete to win a World Cup Title? Enter Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich), Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea), Thierry Henry…and so on. The only match between former World Cup Champions should tell us if the French team we love to watch will be in South Africa. At least Henry has a chance to rewrite his final chapter.

Player to watch: Thierry Henry (Barcelona and Arsenal striker. Henry’s first International match was against South Africa now his final will be in South Africa)

World Cup Titles: 1998

Qualified: 2nd in UEFA (Europe) Group 7 Defeated Ireland in a playoff

Predicted Finish:



South Africa


Game to Watch:

South Africa v Mexico June 11th 10:00am (It is the opening match, enough said)

World Cup 2010

I have been thinking about the approaching World Cup in South Africa with excitement. As it gets closer and closer, more and more people, who do not follow soccer very much or at all start asking me questions about it. I have decided to breakdown the groups and teams in the World Cup. You can call it a crash course/ World Cup for Dummies blog. Every few days I will break down another group until I select who I think will lift the trophy in July.

Stay tuned...for the 2 people that read this.

Remember 91'

It frustrates me, that no one is talking about nor does anyone know that the Braves are 2 back with 6 to go. As a city we became very complacent with the Braves and winning. Others say that Atlanta only supports winners...WAKE UP! the Braves have won 15 of the last 17 games. The sad part is the AJC is treating this as a footnote. This was very evident by the lack of a crowd last night for an extremely important game (The rest of the season is extremely important).

If you lived in Atlanta during the early 90's the Braves were a big deal and you saw foam tomahawks everywhere. This city was filled with passion and excitement. Fulton-County Stadium (RIP) was intimidating and deafening and the "chop" rained down from the fans. To this day people still remember where they were when Sid slid!

Come on Braves fans* get pumped and go to Turner Field! Remember 91'...

*if you are truly a Braves fan than you would already be doing this!


I tweet, I text, I chat, I discuss and now apparently I blog. I thought I would be part of the cool kids group and finally share some of my ramblings (which are very frequent and very scrambled) about a topic very dear to my heart... Sports! While most kids got ready for school watching cartoons in the mornings, I was watching SportsCenter. This was so that I could inform the world of who did what in the world of sports last night since as kids we were in bed before many of the west coast games even started.

I am not saying that this will be the most inciteful, inspiring, thought provoking blog you probably read, but I hope to make it atleast enjoyable. Keep in mind these are "ramblings" (not to be confused with that team in Atlanta, whom I don't particularly care for). I tend to write in stream of consciousness, but I will try to keep this under control to keep it readable. Also note, I don't do grammar! Sorry Mrs King, Mrs Collins and any other English teacher that I had as I destroy your handiwork with every keystroke.

A few Ground Rules: The teams I support in no particular order Braves, Falcons, Hawks, UGA, Arsenal FC, Berry College, Thrashers, Ducks (NHL), Duke, Orioles, and USMNT (soccer). If I have a slant towards certain teams, you can reference this for explanation. I will cover just about any and every sport as I know and love them all, just ask my wife.

So, in my head it's Gameday Everyday!